Memorial Policy



Effective 12 March 2015

The following policy shall apply to all memorials placed in the Ottawa Avenue Cemetery.

1. Owners. Any gravesite interment right owner, heir(s) or assign(s) may have a memorial installed in conformance with this policy at their expense. The memorial shall remain property of the owner and shall be maintained by the owner.

2. Foundations. Foundations for all memorials shall be constructed of freeze/thaw resistant Portland Cement Concrete and shall extend a minimum depth of 32 inches below the ground surface and shall have a finished surface and edged portion level with the ground. A minimum 12 inch deep full area with an augered 30 inch deep concrete pier below floor of excavation for a single foundation or two 30″ deep piers for a double foundation will be acceptable. Depth of concrete foundations may be less if placed on top of an existing vault. Foundation edges shall be at least 3 inches beyond the boundaries of the memorial, except that stone memorials with surfaces level with the ground shall not have foundations exceeding the limits of the memorial and all foundations shall be no closer than 3 inches to the limits of the grave space. Foundation edges shall not be closer than 6 inches to other foundations. Foundations placed for preneed shall not be established closer to other memorials or grave space limits such that would prevent a minimum grave opening of 8.0 ft. long by 3.3 ft. wide. Foundations exceeding the normal lines of other monuments and symmetry within the Cemetery must be approved by the Association Board or its representative.

3. Single Grave Memorials. Width and depth for memorials placed flush with the foundation or which may be raised above ground shall comply with dimensions shown in the Foundations provisions. Width and depth ratios of the base and die as well as the height shall be of established industry practices with final approval by the Ottawa Avenue Cemetery Association Board or its representative.

4. Double Grave Memorials. Memorials covering two grave sites with one marker shall comply with provisions #1 and #2 above, however it shall be limited to a maximum width of 60 inches. No memorials or foundations shall cover more than two grave sites.

5. Foot & Middle Markers. Markers placed at the foot or the middle of any grave must comply with provisions #1 and #2 above. These markers must be flush with the surrounding ground unless a foot marker adjoins a walkway or a roadway. There it may be raised.

6. Veterans Markers. These markers must comply with the Veterans Administration rules and can be placed mid or lower grave if the markers are level with the ground providing they comply with provisions #1 and #2. If the marker is to serve as a headstone it may be raised when complying with the previous provisions.

7. Other Markers. Such as in the middle of a Lot and those of larger size must have Cemetery Board of Trustees approval before installation.